Here at Hidden Talents Lawn and Landscape, we are constantly trying to improve our services to maintain a 100% customer satisfaction rating. We greatly appreciate you taking the time to stop by and complete this survey. Your opinion matters greatly to us. As a current customer, you are already aware that we operate differently than most other companies. It is feedback from the customers that help us determine what works and what does not so please be 100% honest with your answers.

Thank You

Jason Conner

Hidden Talents Lawn and Landscape

Customer Satisfaction Survey

1) What is your opinion regarding the way Hidden Talents did your fall clean up?

2) How do you feel about the communication between you and Hidden Talents?

3) Would you be interested in a 12 month payment option (if available) that included all property maintenance services (that you choose) such as Mowing, shrub pruning, fertilizing, snow blowing etc.

4) Were you aware that Hidden Talents Lawn and Landscape offers a wide variety of services such as weed pulling, gutter cleaning, snow blowing, fertilizer, tree and shrub trimming, and other landscape services?

5) Were you aware that Hidden Talents Lawn and Landscape keeps our customers informed on important topics and updates on our Facebook page?

7) The typical mowing season is 27 weeks, in 2014 we mowed most of our lawns 31 times. Do you think:

8) Hidden Talents Lawn and Landscape takes pride in always doing the right thing. Do you believe that we have lived up to this motto?