Q) Why are your rates so much cheaper than other companies?
A) Our rates are cheaper because we don't "Rubberize" our business. Rubberizing is a term used in business when the company grows so fast that they cannot keep up with the demand so they raise prices. When the prices go up, they keep the higher paying customers and ditch the lower paying ones. Often after providing poor service first.

During What hours can I expect services to be performed?
A) Hidden Talents Lawn Care will work diligently to perform all work on your property when it is most convenient for you. Upon agreeing to service, we will arrange a date and or time with you. If you do not have any preference, then it is our policy to try to perform services on your property when we believe it will be less of an inconvenience for you. For example, if we begin to notice a pattern of employees taking a lunch break at 12, we will adjust our times to arrive after lunch. We will never arrive on a residential property to perform services prior to 8am. We believe it is rude to both the customer and their neighbors.

Q) My neighbor's lawn doesn't grow as fast because he mows it much shorter than you, why do you mow so high?
A) We mow at 3 inches because it is a much healthier height for your lawn. Since your root system is the same length as your grass blade, 3 inches helps to maintain a healthier lawn by providing a longer root system to help prevent thinning. Also, since most of the grass blades water supply is stored at the top of the grass blade, mowing at 3 inches helps the blade store moisture longer reducing the need for excessive watering.

Q) What does " A Family and Community Company" mean?
A) The "Family" means that we will work hard to provide for our family and to make a positive impact on our family through hard work and dedication. The "Community" means that we will give back to the community as often as possible through sponsorship and volunteering. Hidden Talents Lawn Care is a proud supporter of the American Cancer Society's Relay for Life.

Q) Do you match your competitors prices?
A) No, We do not believe there is a need to match any other company's prices because we already have the most reasonable prices that our customers will find. The true question is, is our competitor willing to match our quality service?

Q) If I call you for a quote, are you going to constantly harass me for service?
A) Absolutely not, we provide a NO HASSLE, NO PRESSURE quote free of charge. Upon completing our free quote, we will follow up with you to see if you have any questions or if we can answer any questions. If you would like to join our Hidden Talents Family, we will set you up with a day of service. If you have not made your decision yet, we will provide you with as much time as you need and only follow up with you one more time in the future unless you request further follow ups.

Q) Why does Hidden Talents Lawn Care ask for my E-mail address?
A) We ask for your E-mail address so that we can provide you with your weekly statement of services (Invoice). We will never solicit or do any marketing or sell your information to anyone. Your weekly statement of services (Invoice) will include any recommendations that will benefit your lawn so it is important to read it as that will be our primary way of communicating with you. We also prefer to correspond with our via E-mail to ensure that we can refer to the e-mail for reference and ensure that we do not forget anything. 

Q) I am looking for some extra advice on my lawn, where can I go?
A) We are more than willing to answer any questions you may have or give you some advice on your lawn at no charge to you all you have to do is ask. We have also created a separate website that is loaded with information for our customers' benefit. You can view that information at http://www.lawncaredr.com