Season Prepay Snow Description of Services

Once the snow begins to fall, Hidden Talents Lawn Care will begin to monitor the weather via to determine the total snowfall amount expected and that has already fallen in each area. Once the snowfall has accumulated to 2”, we will head out and begin snow blowing/plowing. Please allow 24 hours once the snow reaches 2”.

Out of respect for our customers and their neighbors, our residential snow services run between the hours of 7 am and 9 pm, unless other arrangements are made in advance by the customer. Our services include the driveway, city walkway along the front (if applicable), walkway between driveway and the house and the area on the front porch directly in front of the door. Our services do not include ice removal or salting services.

Hidden Talents Lawn Care prefers to use snow blowers instead of plows on residential properties. We reserve the right to modify this under certain circumstances such as:

1) Extreme cold temperatures that risk the safety of the contractor or employee performing snow services.

2) Extreme snowfall totals that prevent proper function of snow blowing equipment.

3) Any and all other circumstances that risk the safety of the contractor/employee, or quality of service provided to the customer. Seasonal prepay customers are entitled to no limit on the number of snow removal services for the season.

Below are examples of what to expect:

1) It starts snowing on Monday afternoon, and we are expected to get 4" of snow between Monday afternoon and Tuesday morning. We will begin our services on Tuesday morning once the storm is done or close to being done. If, for some reason, a return trip is needed - such as the a buried driveway from the street plow or heavy drifting - there will be an additional charge of 1/10th of the seasonal cost (return trips are only done by request of the customer only).

2) It starts snowing on Monday morning and we are expecting 8" of snow between Monday and Wednesday. We will  monitor the storm closely and begin our services once 2" have accumulated and will return as needed throughout the storm. Hidden Talents Lawn Care takes great pride in providing a quality and affordable service to our customers. We will make every effort to ensure our customers are taken care of in a timely fashion.

We encourage our customers to “Like” our Facebook page at as we try our best to keep our customers up to date on news and events, especially in the winter as we monitor storms and update what to expect.