Sodding and Seeding | Livonia, MI Area

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Our Sodding Services

Whether it's sodding a new ball field or sodding dead areas that need repair, we can take care of it for you. This is one of those jobs where many landscapers will shy away from because lawn sodding not an easy in-and-out job, and there isn't much profit in it. Unlike the other guys, we love doing this kind of work, because we enjoy being able to watch our work grow starting out as dirt and growing into a well-maintained lawn. 

Our Seeding Services

Seeding is a service that is also difficult for many landscapers because its too time consuming for them to do. Once again, we are proud of the lawn seeding work that we do, and we actually enjoy watching the grass grow. We will evaluate any area that needs to be seeded or sodded and find the most cost effective yet affective way of seeding or sodding in order to ensure that our customers are not paying for unnecessary materials such as extra sod or extra seed.

Do I Need Lawn Sodding, or Do I Need Lawn Seeding?

Not all seed or sod belongs on every lawn. There are many different blends of grass available in the area, but the wrong blend applied to a somewhat established lawn could create many headaches for the homeowner in the future. We make sure that we apply seed and sod that will blend with your existing grass so shortly after, you won't even be able to tell where the old grass was and the new grass begins. 

What Happens After My Lawn Is Sodded or Seeded?

Sodding and seeding both require some special care afterwards or it could be damaging to your lawn or not even work in the first place! We take the guess work out this process and leave you with detailed instructions on how to maintain your lawn to help reduce root rot, disease damage, an unestablished roots system, or any other potential issues that may arise. Plus, as a mowing customer of Hidden Talents Lawn Care, we're always there once/week to ensure that everything is going smoothly. That's our guarantee to our customers!