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A properly pruned and shaped tree or shrub can make a large difference not only in the appearance of the plant, but properly pruning the plant can be the difference between a healthy and unhealthy plant.
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Trimming and shaping trees and shrubs require a finesse that not everyone has. Each plant is different and requires knowledge to maintain the health of the plant. Improper pruning practices could result in damage to the plants. Our professionals have been trained to identify the plant and follow best practices when providing this service.
Properly pruned, shaped and manicured landscape and shrubs

Whether it's a low hanging branch that need to be trimmed up, or an entire landscaping bed that needs trimmed and shaped, trust our professionals to handle the job for you. There is no "minimum" on the amount of work that we require. We understand that some people may need to call a landscaper for small jobs for whatever reason. We will never charge extra just because the job is "too small".
Pruned shrubs, edged and trimmed landscapes

Our tree and shrub pruning service is just as flexible as our mowing schedule. We can pre-schedule the service to be done during the appropriate time of the year, or you may just let us know that you would like the service done as the time approaches.
Pruned and shaped shrubs

It is important to allow a plant the opportunity to produce new growth during the appropriate times. As a full season mowing customer, we may recommendations for your plants if we notice they need attention. We will never make a recommendation just to up-sell you a service that you do not need. This is one of the reason we always put our recommendations in writing. We encourage our customers to learn about their landscape so they identify problems that may arise between our visits.
Shrubs with new grown and properly trimmed with fresh mulch